Why Train with us BIT South Africa?

Training with BIT gives a real world  class experience for participants.  BIT  trainers and facilitators  work in the relevant industry or business area as   experts/consultants and   they have vast knowledge and  experience which positions participants to acquire  meaningful learning.  All courses and programmes are frequently scheduled   throughout the year  which presents numerable opportunities for organisations to  register participants without disrupting business operations. There is also flexibility in  training location selection as this can be negotiated where larger groups are concerned. BIT is committed  to  ensuring that participants reach the stated competencies.

Training benefits your Employees

After a daily routine of going and coming back from work, participants will need a fruitful break that renews their strength and enhances their skills. Bradley Institute offers a double benefit of refreshing their souls and minds which ranges from skills enhancements and holiday concurrently.More information on holiday  destination after training will be provided in the information pack  given after registration for a programme.

Training benefits your Business

Our courses produce highly effective course participants, who are sought after in the workplace. Companies with a strong training culture report the following benefits:

    • Increased productivity and improved quality of work.
    • Greater flexibility and responsiveness to change.
    • Greater commitment from staff.
    • Higher staff retention rate
    • Improved morale