Train the Trainer

Course overview

Most organisations are endowed with trainers that are great, but they do not have the knowhow of the specific job skills. On the other hand, they also have staff which is experienced in job skills, but they do not know how to do the training effectively. Such a scenario poses a one of the most common training dilemmas, leaving organisations wondering what to do. Usually the best alternative is to train the job experts on how to train others; popularly known as “train the trainer.” This is argued to be the most effective way to get the best of both worlds: content expertise and training knowhow. This Train the Trainer Course is highly effective and designed for individuals who need to develop their training and facilitation skills, and confidence to teach adults in the workplace. The training is interactive, ensuring that delegates are equipped with modern day training techniques which they can customise for their specific workplace requirements.

Who should attend the course?

  • Experienced trainers, Training administrators, Consultants, Learning Instructors, Learning and Development Practitioners, HR Practitioners, and any new trainer who trains groups of people.

Course objectives

Delegates of this course will gain a practical understanding and working knowledge of:

  • Design a training course targeted for adults.
  • Plan the delivery of a course by ensuring that all the key elements of effective training are present and learn how to communicate one’s message effectively
  • Develop techniques to overcome barriers to learning; prepare and deliver a training session, as well as learn to construct assessments to validate the learning
  • Gain techniques for providing encouragement and coaching during the training process and evaluate their peers and also receive feedback from them during class

The Learning Model

The trainer uses up-to-date training techniques and a variety of training methods, to give all participants the
best opportunities for learning including:

  • Class session
  • Group discussions
  • Simulations exercises
  • Case studies and problem solving exercises
  • Individual assignments
  • Templates and tools

Course Contents

  • The Purpose of a Trainer
  • Comprehending Training as well as Facilitation
  • Consider Learning Psychology
  • Develop Objectives and an Assessment Process
  • Create Content to Support the Objectives
  • Make it interactive
  • Getting off on the Right Foot
  • Delivery Tips as well as Tricks
  • Keeping it Interactive
  • Working with Challenging delegates
  • Tackling Tough Topics
  • Concluding

Course Calendar

13-17 Jan

03-07 Feb

09-13 Mar

13-17 Apr

04-08 May

08-12 Jun

06-10 Jul

03-07 Aug

07-11 Sep

05-09 Oct

02-06 Nov

07-11 Dec

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Cost: R 12 500

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