Thinking on your feet

Thinking on your feet

Course overview

In today’s highly pressured environment, we need to be able to respond to questions and challenges, while also being able to make decisions promptly, persuasively, and often on our feet. Whether you are put on the spot while attending a meeting, presenting a proposal, selling an idea, or answering questions after a presentation, articulating your thoughts and being able to think on your feet in unanticipated situations is a skill. Thinking on your feet, will enable the attendants to learn the skills you need to visualize and organize your ideas quickly, even under pressure. This skill is a bedrock of communication, which once mastered will lead to dramatically sharpened skills for effective communication skills. The result will be that you’ll feel more confident on how to organize your ideas, be able to speak up strongly and clearly in meetings, make your point persuasively in discussions, and offer impactful ideas off the cuff in presentations.

The Thinking on your Feet. training will be conducted in a form of workshop, which provide all-purpose strategies for organizing your ideas and shows how to match your message to your audience. The primary focus of this course is developing the ability to get your ideas across clearly, concisely, persuasively and quickly; which is a core skill in any workplace. It will further provide techniques to speak spontaneously with clarity, boldness and impact.

Attending this course will enable attendants to;

  • Ensure that your ideas will are understood and remembered.
  • Respond confidently and concisely in all formal, informal and ad-hoc situations, especially when caught on-the-spot or under pressure
  • Explain complex ideas and handle tough questions by condensing your thoughts, simplifying information and avoiding listener and information overload.
  • Analyze, organize and present your ideas – fast


Course objectives

This short course will help you choose the best communication strategy for any situation and assist you to deliver your message clearly and concisely. The workshops aim to achieve the following:

  • Structure your ideas clearly and simply
  • Answer questions quickly and coherently
  • Use six basic organization formats to focus communication and display analysis
  • Flesh-out ideas with memorable examples
  • Target messages to listeners’ core concerns
  • Handle objections positively
  • Use “bridging” strategies to clarify questions, diffuse issues and buy time
  • Separate topics clearly using transitions
  • Organize ideas while talking


Who should attend the course?

This programme is for individuals who want to boost their personal communications skills and learn to think clearly and effectively under the pressures of a fast-moving world. It is especially useful for anyone who has to explain and defend ideas to demanding stakeholders, partners or even senior colleagues or who has to communicate complex ideas where the audience come back and ask difficult questions. The program is designed for anyone keen to improve their communication skills including managers, senior executives, sales and marketing professionals, technical specialists, financial analysts, learning and development professionals, project managers and office manager. It will assist the attendants in the following situations:

  • Convincing in a meeting
  • Clearly explaining complex information
  • Answering questions on the spot
  • Promoting the company
  • Communicating with the teams


The Learning Model

The course will be structured in this way;

  • group and individual activities to practice your new techniques
  • feedback from peers on individual performance
  • opportunities for personal refection and action planning


Course Contents

The course will address the following subjects;

  • Presenting your ideas with speed and clarity
  • Getting to the point and being remembered
  • Using handy fallback techniques when you’re caught off guard
  • Handling questions
  • Bridging from question to answer
  • Moving opposing viewpoints to a middle ground
  • Selling the benefits of your ideas, products and services
  • Telling a story: What? Where? When? Why? Structuring ideas persuasively
  • Supporting ideas with memorable examples
  • Targeting listeners’ concerns
  • Simplifying complex information
  • Avoiding information overload
  • Handling objections
  • Answering questions quickly and coherently
  • Dealing with hostile situations and emotional issues


Course Outcomes

No one enjoys being put on the spot or answering questions that they aren’t fully expecting. The uncertainty can be stressful. One can overcome it by thinking on their feet. This will help one to stay calm and confident even when put under pressure, and to deliver assured and confident answers even when faced with unexpected questions.
Attending this course will ensure the following;

    • Shape and organize ideas quickly
    • Make complex issues easy to explain and understand
    • Organize your thinking using five different structures
    • Being able to use the Train of Though
    • Perform impressively in unexpected situations
    • Defend ideas when challenged and handle hostile situations confidently
    • Make ideas more memorable and impactful
    • Increase your audience’s ability to retain and recall information
    • Avoid “blocking” and using negative language that shuts down conversations
    • Transforming ordinary idea into a brilliant one
    • Answer tough questions on the spot – even if you can’t respond with “perfect answers”
    • Techniques to use your body and your surroundings to buy time when asked challenging questions
    • How to connect in a way that is meaningful to your managers and colleagues.
    • Projecting confidence and competence in the face of uncertainty
    • Communicating effectively in unpredictable situations
    • Learn strategies to stay calm under pressure
    • Recover from mistakes quickly and keep going

Attendants will at the end of the training be equipped with;

  • Critical Thinking,
  • Elevator Speech,
  • Off-the-Cuff Skills,
  • Organize Thoughts,
  • Structured Improvisation,
  • Verbal Communication Skills

Duration 2 days

Course Calendar Dates

March 25 – 26

April 23 – 24

May 20 – 21

June 01 – 14

July 22 – 23

August 26 – 27

September 24 – 25

October 28 – 29

November 26 – 27

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Cost: R 5 000

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