Staff Engagement and Development

Course overview

Most organisations today capitalise on the huge reserves of discretionary effort and ability of one of their greatest assets – their staff. This has proved to bring about huge transformational differences in productivity. Committed employees go the extra distance for your organisation; they are more productive; have lower stress levels; enjoy greater work satisfaction and will stay longer with your organisation. Thus, the Staff Engagement and Development course gives board-level leaders and HR managers real-world principles and approaches to put engagement and development to work. The training will help you to deliver the organisation’s vision and objectives; focusing on the quick-wins, effectively and always with an eye on strategic outcomes.

Who should attend the course?

  • Company Executives, Directors, HR Managers and Line Managers, aspiring HR and organisational leaders seeking to understand Employee Engagement and Development in an applied business context as well as deploy Employee Engagement and Development Strategy

Course objectives

The workshop aims include ways to:

  • Fully understand the scope of employee engagement development and the role it plays in organisational improvement and financial outcomes; and understand the value in their people – and how it can be harnessed.
  • Gain proven methods for engaging teams successfully; understand how to plan and implement employee engagement and development initiatives; and be prepared to overcome challenges which can put your employee engagement and development programme at risk
  • Understand how to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your activities and their outcomes; and communicate this effectively at board level and gain access to contacts to support you throughout the process in your business

The Learning Model

The trainer uses up-to-date training techniques and a variety of training methods, to give all participants the
best opportunities for learning including:

  • Class session
  • Group discussions
  • Simulations exercises
  • Case studies and problem solving exercises
  • Individual assignments
  • Templates and tools

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Employee Engagement and Development
  • Why Employee Engagement and Development?
  • Establishing a Strategy
  • Tactical Primer
  • Acquiring and Retaining Skilled Employees
  • Organisational Culture
  • Employee Wellness
  • Avoiding Risks and Pitfalls

Course Calendar

13-14 Jan

10-11 Feb

05-06 Mar

02-03 Apr

02-03 May

04-05 Jun

02-03 Jul

02-03 Aug

03-04 Sep

02-03 Oct

04-05 Nov

07-08 Dec

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Cost: R 5 000

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