Public Relations Skills for Business Secretaries

Course overview

Business secretaries should be prepared to use their skills to present a positive image of their organisation at all times. They must be prepared to respond quickly to any crisis that may arise. By putting the right effort into building a solid reputation during good times your organisation will be able to withstand the negative publicity in times of a crisis. Participants of this course will understand their role as Secretaries, acquire verbal and written communication techniques, and get the ability to evaluate crisis situations and deal with the media while promoting the reputation of the organization.

Who should attend the course?

  • Secretaries, PAs, PR officers and other key personnel in the organization whose work involves contact and interaction with the internal and external public, particularly managers and supervisors in the areas of personnel, marketing, sales, training and administration; As well as managers and employees involved in media activities will also benefit from this course.

Course objectives

The workshop aims include ways to:

  • Analyse and assess the latest PR concepts and strategies in a variety of contexts; appraise certain PR techniques and approaches appropriately in order to link them to the working environment.
  • Demonstrate key PR skills relating to verbal and written communication as well as editorial, layout and production techniques; and apply the main media skills in PR
  • Prepare, present and deliver effective oral messages in public, and use their PR skills as promotional tools

The Learning Model

The trainer uses up-to-date training techniques and a variety of training methods, to give all participants the
best opportunities for learning including:

  • Class session
  • Group discussions
  • Simulations exercises
  • Case studies and problem solving exercises
  • Individual assignments
  • Templates and tools

Course Contents

  • The Big Picture: Overview and Public Relations strategy
  • From the Inside Out: Crafting Consistent Messages
  • Risks and Threats: Their Identification and Management
  • Corporate Communications/PR in the Corporate Mix
  • Powerful and Persuasive Planning

Course Calendar

20-21 Jan

10-11 Feb

09-10 Mar

20-21 Apr

11-12 May

08-09 Jun

13-14 Jul

17-18 Aug

14-15 Sep

12-13 Oct

09-10 Nov

14-15 Dec

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Cost: R 5 000

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