General Management


The short courses in this category give you an opportunity to build skills that advance your professional career. You will gain the critical knowledge and tools that you need to make smarter decisions for yourself and your organization. You will acquire a deeper understanding of business frameworks and strategic patterns that are useful for assessing organizational challenges and opportunities. Your leadership style will definitely evolve and become a better leader who is able to motivate others to accomplish the company goals as well as their own. To learn more about our offering click courses of interest below:
Course Title Who should attend Prerequisites Duration
Masters in Business Management Small to medium-size business owners, managers who need to understand how to manage their organizations effectively and Entrepreneurs who need to understand all aspects of starting, running and scaling a successful business. some general management experience 5 days
A Gateway to Practical Corporate Governance Anybody who holds a management position who would like to  understand ho the different aspects of corporations work basic understanding of company law 3 days
Coaching and Leadership Strategies Leaders  and managers  with a direct team of internal reports who want to develop a coaching  approach of Leadership as well as Human Resources Professionals who want to coach leaders in their organization or are responsible for hiring external coaches None 2 days
Crucial Skills for effective and Efficient Managers Line Managers, Project Managers and Team Leaders. None 5 days
Financial Modelling Based Decision Making for Business Leaders Suitable for those pursuing  careers in Investment Banking, Financial Planning and Analysis, Private Equity, Corporate Development, Equity Research and other areas of Corporate Finance Accounting and Finance Fundamentals 3 days
Effective Delegation Techniques for Managers   For everybody who aspires to be a leader None 2 Days
Effective Public Sector Leadership and Management  This course is suitable for all middle and senior management personnel in the public sector an understanding of business concepts 3 days
Managing a Diverse Workplace This course is suitable for all middle and senior management, Project managers and Human resources managers None 3 Days
Essential Management Skills for Emerging Leaders Designed to help new managers master core business concepts and build key skills in six subject areas. None 2 days
Essentials to Business Ethics and Compliance Relevant to all businesses – big or small, and all employees – senior or junior None 3 days
Innovative Strategic Management  Tailored for executives to enable them to navigate the long journey successfully and realize their strategic organizational and personal potential. 3 days
Manager to Leader Transformational Workshop
Suitable for  teams, partners, managers, and leaders none 3 days
Managing Virtual Teams for High Performance
Delegates will learn practical, easy to implement solutions to create a high-performance virtual team. With globalization a reality, this will become an even more common team dynamic. 2 days
Employee Motivation
Managers and Supervisory personnel whose responsibilities includes managing  the performance of other people none 1 day
Stakeholder Engagement and Management
Best for Project/programme managers, change managers or practitioners, continuous improvement specialists, IT professionals, Human Resources business partners, Organizational Development professionals &Project team members. None  2 days
Strategic Business Management
 Ideal for managers who are looking to rapidly increase their management skills and strategic perspective, taking on additional responsibility, and seeking to be effective in their organization Experience at senior levels of management 3 days
Strategic Decision Making and Problem Solving
Delegates will also learn how an organization can benefit from employing strategic decision-making techniques, and how to use decision-making strategies to improve negotiation skills. None 3 days
Strategic Frameworks for Competitive Advantage
Delegates will be provided with the structure and strategic framework for addressing the challenges leaders face in respect of their daily activities. They will also learn how to maximize your strategic advantage and create industry disruption with a sustainable business model. None 3 days
Strategies for Leading Successful Change Initiatives
Upcoming Managers / Leaders
Current Leaders Who Want to Expand Their Leadership Skills
Top Leaders to Sharpen Them with the Latest Leadership Research Dynamics
None 3 days
The Consultant’s Toolkit
If you currently work with consultants or would like to understand and use consulting tools and techniques within your organization, you benefit from this program None 3 days
Total Quality Management
This training course will you understand total quality concept and techniques for managing, controlling, and improving quality. It exposes participants to contemporary knowledge and techniques of TQM. None 3 days