Emotional Intelligence EQ and Personal Mastery

Emotional Intelligence EQ Course

Emotional Intelligence EQ Course overview

Emotional Intelligence EQ Course, is the ability to be aware of and to manage emotions and relationships. It’s a pivotal factor in personal and professional success. Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) will get one through the door but is the one EQ that gives the ability to control and effectively utilize emotions to connect with others successfully.

This Emotional Intelligence EQ Course is an invitation to go on a journey of self-awareness and develop effective and professional interpersonal skills. Furthermore, the course helps one understand and manage negative emotions and increase resilience. In fact it is known that it is not the hardest working or most intelligent people who succeed, but people who have high levels of emotional intelligence and who are able to illicit the cooperation of their colleagues and lead and motivate teams of people.The course helps participants develop a range of tools and techniques for building their emotional intelligence for an effective and successful life.


Who should attend the course?

This workshop is designed for everyone who deals with people and who would effectively like to improve their self-emotional intelligent

  • Middle management level employees
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Employees who have been earmarked for succession into management


Course objectives

The workshop aims include ways to:

  • Introduction to EQ – Learn about the biological basis for EQ and the essentials
  • Why EQ Matters – Understand the business case, including the critical link between EQ and performance.
  • Measuring Your EQ – Debrief your results from the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal Me Edition
  • Observe EQ in Action – Deepen awareness of what EQ looks like and sounds like on the job
  • Create EQ Action Plan – Incorporate proven strategies to take new, improved behaviors with you back to the job


The Learning Model

The trainer uses up-to-date training techniques and a variety of training methods, to give all participants the best opportunities for learning including:

  • Class Session
  • Group Discussions
  • Simulations exercises
  • Case studies and Problem Solving Exercises
  • Individual assignments
  • Templates and tools


Course Contents

  • Emotional Intelligence and Self-awareness
  • Interpersonal Skills and Communication
  • Self-regulation: managing one’s negative emotions
  • Developing a positive emotional focus
  • Self Confidence and Resilience
  • My Purpose and Goal Setting
  • The 5 EQ Awareness Model

Practical Exercise
Self-Assessment Exercises


The course will be implemented in 2 days

Course Calendar Dates

March 21 – 22

April 25 – 26

May 23-24

June 20-21

July 25-26

August 22-23

September 26-27

October 24-25

November 29-30

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Cost: R5 000

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