Effective Time Management Course


Effective Time Management Course

Course overview

Time management is the active process of planning how time is spent in an effort to maximize productivity. It involves planning and organizing daily activities into specific time periods to increase efficiency and increase the likelihood that required tasks get worked on or completed. After completing the Effective time management Course you will be able to give the impression of increasing one’s available time because task lists get completed within set hours freeing up time later in the period for other things

All our courses are based on learning by doing. We initiate and accelerate learning journeys through interactive, presentations, group exercises, buddy coaching, discussions, personal case studies and action planning. This 2 days, will greatly help the Learner to understand the strengths & weaknesses of their current Time Management system. And show them how to embrace and incorporate new tools & techniques into their current system so that they can build a more effective & efficient time management system.

Who should attend the course?

Anyone who manages a team of people in an environment that is subject to high stress levels, such as fast-paced activity, a high rate of change, or situations where a high degree of personal responsibility is required. This learning programme is intended for all persons who need to apply efficient time management to any area of their life lives.


Effective Time Management Course objectives

The workshop aims include ways to:

  • Better organize yourself and your workspace for peak efficiency.
  • Understand the importance of, and the most useful techniques for, setting and achieving goals.
  • Identify the right things to be doing and develop plans for doing them.
  • Learn what to delegate and how to delegate well.
  • Take control of things that can derail your workplace productivity.
  • Identify the main obstacles to effective Time Management in your daily role;
  • Understand the nature of Time Management;
  • Understand a range of tools, techniques and concepts for Time Management;
  • Use these techniques to build an effective Time Management process that will enhance your productivity and lower your stress;
  • Explain the benefits of having an effective Time Management process


Course Contents

  • Understanding yourself against your available time
  • Managing your time personally
  • Personal Time Management Ingredients
  • Activities and role play

Course Calendar Dates

March 25 – 26

April 29 – 30

May 27 – 28

June 24 – 25

July 29 – 30

August 26 – 27

September 30 – October 01

October 28 – 29

November 25 – 26

December 02 – 03

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Cost: R 5 000

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