Conducting Performance Reviews Training


Conducting Performance Reviews Training

Course overview

One of the greatest mechanisms for companies to reach out to and improve employees on a personal level is through performance reviews. As such, management teams are often expected to deliver quality feedback on the company progress and  employees contributions and performance.

Performance reviews  are  important if organisations and their employees are to  thrive. They  lead to the identification of  shortcomings and employees  also get to know how effective they are in the workplace.  Performance reviews  facilitate the  discovery of  areas where  individual employees need  further  improvements  and result in  the development of recommendations on how employees can  improve themselves and become top professionals in their areas of specialisation.

Unfortunately,If not conducted properly, performance reviews can  affect employees confidence, self esteem and  morale.  This will in turn negatively impact  the performance of  the organisations. Therefore, the persons that execute these reviews are expected to put interviewees or employees at ease, making sure that they get the most  out of these exercises.

BIT short course  focuses on those aspects of the review process as  Human Resource personnel will learn how to read body language and deliver critique more effectively.


Who should attend the course?

The course is primarily dedicated to employees and management teams that conduct performance reviews, this course guarantees effectiveness in setting standards for your business. This training session can also be modified to include other skills which you or your team may require.


Course objectives

By the end of the two-day short course, you will have gained theoretical knowledge and practical skills in becoming a more effective in conducting performance reviews. You will be able to:

  • Conduct interactive and collaborative performance appraisal meetings that lead to the development of employees
  • Learn how to conduct difficult conversations and come out with desired feedback
  • To assist employees whose goals are not aligned to the vison of the company to focus on the goals and objectives of the employer


The Learning Model

The trainer uses up-to-date training techniques and a variety of training methods, to give all participants the best opportunities for learning including:

  • Class Session
  • Group Discussions
  • Simulations exercises
  • Case studies and Probl
  • Templates and tools


Course Contents

  • Performance Appraisals Done well
  • The Performance Management Process and Cycle
  • Setting Standards
  • Creating a Performance Development Plan
  • Feedback and Communication
  • Listening Skills
  • Conducting the Appraisal Interview
  • Coaching
  • Maintaining Performance
  • Handling Performance Problems

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Course Calendar Dates

 20-21 Jan

 24-25 Feb

16-17 Mar

20-21 Apr

18-19 May

15-16 Jun

06-07 Jul

17-18 Aug

21-22 Sep

19-20 Oct

16-17 Nov

07-08 Dec

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Cost: R 5 000

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