Financial Management:   Banking


The strategic use of financial instruments is key to the success of your organisation – as is the quality of your banking and financial training. Bradley Institute ensures your business stays ahead of the curve with our banking and finance courses, led by leading experts with a wealth of industry experience. Click courses below for more details of the courses below:
Course Title Who should attend Prerequisites Duration
Fundamentals of Anti-Money Auditors (Internal/External); Financial Accountant/Bank Official or working in a Risk, Legal or Compliance department personnel and  non-financial people who are interested in becoming certified in anti-money laundering. There are no specific prerequisites. 1 week
Supervision of Bank and Financial Institution
designed for any aspiring bank  supervisors or  financial regulators at least 3 to 5 years of
experience in a supervisory/regulatory role
1 week
Supervision and Regulation of Capital Markets designed for any aspiring bank  supervisors or  financial regulators.

experience in a supervisory/regulatory role in capital markets.


Investment Analysis and Management Portfolio managers, equity analysts, stock brokers, investment bankers, corporate financiers, credit analysts, commercial bankers, private equity analysts, private client portfolio managers, financial planners, real estate investors, investment analysts and senior management involved in the running of corporates. This course has no enrollment requirements. A good level of English reading and writing proficiency is required. 1 week
Risk Management in Banking Supervisors;Managers;General Business Risk Managers; Compliance Officer; Risk and Compliance Managers basic risk assessment and management experience 1 week