Applied Environmental Management


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Course overview

The Environmental Management and Regulation short course provides you with essential training in new regulatory developments to better navigate a range of complex issues related to environmental resources and extortion. The course covers a wide range of topics, including both legal and biological aspects of environmental management, ecological frameworks of environmental systems, environmental resource economics and auditing, as well as strategies for waste reduction and disposal and air pollution control. The course provides you with an in-depth review, discussion forum and case studies towards a better understanding of the issues and regulations that are at work to protect the environment.


Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to contribute meaningfully to evaluations, designs, and analysis for environmental systems planning and management with both a local and global perspective.


Course objectives

Participants should now be able to:

  • Compare the different roles of, and relations between, firms, governmental agencies, not-for profit organisations and other actors in relation to issues concerning environmental and natural resource management and sustainability.
  • Describe the motivating factors and processes for integrating environmental and natural resource management and sustainability issues with the strategies, operations management and global surveillance of organisations.
  • Compare results from own studies with results from other natural science and social science studies.
  • Conduct a project and firmly establish the study in a theoretical basis within environmental management and sustainable development


Who should attend the course?

This workshop is designed for everyone who deals with people and who would effectively like to improve their environmental management techniques e.g. Environmentalist.


Course Contents

  • Legal framework for environmental systems (including ISO 14001/9000)
  • Environmental management practices
  • Lifecycle assessment and engineering
  • Biological and ecological aspects of environmental systems
  • Environmental/natural resources economics
  • Environmental auditing
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Strategies for waste reduction and disposal
  • Air pollution control strategies


Course Duration 1 Week

Course Calendar Dates

March 14 – 21

April 09 – 16

May 03 – 10

June 22 – 29

July 03 – 10

August 08 – 15

September 05 – 12

October 03 – 10

November 07 – 14

December 13 – 20

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